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Fundraising encompasses a lot more than finding money. It involves acquiring knowledge, human resources, services, finances, or materials, through funds, sponsors, and donors, as well as grants, tenders, and self-financing, to help keep your organization in a healthy condition. In Maastricht, the Elizabeth Strouven Foundation is one such organization that you could approach.

Here are some more examples, but this list is by no means exhaustive:

Another way to acquire resources for your project or volunteer organization is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding means raising awareness of your project on a crowdfunding website and inviting people and companies to get involved in the project by making a financial contribution to the project, so that it can be achieved. The campaign needs to convince others that your project is valuable. In addition to providing the required resources, it also helps to involve the people who worked together to ensure that the project could be achieved.

As well as generating funds, crowdfunding is a way to develop and maintain your own network of the organizations, volunteers, and residents who collaborated and were involved, which is hugely important to ensure the survival of a voluntary organization. See also Friendraising Handbook.

Entrepreneurship in a volunteer organization
In a nutshell, entrepreneurship means developing a positive attitude to ensure the organization survives. Entrepreneurship is a way of preparing social organizations to respond to a number of new developments. You can find everything you need to know about running an entrepreneurial organization on the Vrijwilligerswerk website.