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There are certain rights and obligations that a volunteer has. These must be discussed at the very beginning, so everyone knows exactly where they stand. Volunteer work is voluntary, but that doesn’t mean it is free of commitment. Agreements are routinely made between a volunteer organization and a new volunteer. Usually, an organization will set out these agreements in a volunteer contract. Agreements could be made about:

  • working hours
  • training and support
  • tasks
  • volunteer’s responsibilities
  • insurance
  • reimbursement for expenses.

All tasks require a volunteer to possess certain skills and qualities. Training can help the volunteer to enhance these qualities. Certain volunteer activities are so specific that training is absolutely necessary before they can start the work.

Reimbursement of expenses
Expenses are costs that a volunteer has to pay in order to carry out their work properly. The costs incurred may be reimbursed. This could involve costs for travel, accommodation, meeting rooms, clothing, dry cleaning, training, stationery, phone calls, or childcare.